Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil in to pan
Break two Eggs in to bowl
Add Parmesan Cheese to bowl
Add Parsley to bowl
Add Black Pepper to bowl
Add Salt to bowl
Wisk all ingredients in bowl
Flour Chicken Breasts
Add Floured Chicken to bowl
Saute Floured Chicken in Pan
Add Butter to 2nd pan
Add Olive Oil to 2nd pan
Add Onions to 2nd pan
Turn Chicken Breast in pan
Add cooked Chicken to dish
Stir Onions in pan
Add Mushrooms to 2nd pan
Mix Onions with Mushrooms
Add Parsley to 2nd pan
Add White Wine to 2nd pan
Add Chicken Stock to 2nd pan
Chicken Breast golden color
Add Black Pepper to 2nd pan
Add Salt to 2nd pan
Place cooked Chicken in oval bowl
Place Ham on top of Chicken
Place Mozzarella over Ham
Chicken with Ham & Mozzarella
Place in oven at 350° F for 3 min.
Place Chicken in dish
Add Parsley to dish
Wahla! Chicken Bianco
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