Cut one Pineapple in half
Cut Pineapple out of its shell
Hollow out Pineapple Shell
Add Sea Salt to boiling water in pot
Cut Pineapple pieces into cubes
Add Linguine to boiling water in pot
Add Butter
Stir Pasta in pot
Add Pineapple cubes
Mix Pineapple & Butter
Add Shrimp
Mix Pineapple, Butter & Shrimp
Add Cherry Wine
Add Heavy Cream
Add Salt
Add Black Pepper
Drain water with Pasta from pot
Place Pasta back in pot
Pour Pineapple Sauce in pot
Add grated Cheese
Bring in halves of Pineapple Shells
Place Pasta in Pineapple Shell
Place Pineapple Sauce on Pasta
Add grated Cheese
Add Basil
Wahla! Hawaiian Fettuccine
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